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Oxford Bible Atlas, Fourth Edition

Edited by Adrian Curtis

The Oxford Bible Atlas provides a guide to the lands in which the Bible's stories are set, from Genesis to Revelation. This new edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect the latest biblical, archaeological and topographical scholarship.

The latest edition of this authoritative Atlas combines text, maps and images that place the content of the Bible in detailed geographical and historical context. Coverage includes the biblical world and its wider ancient Near Eastern and east Mediterranean settings, the successive historical periods and the major civilizations with which Israelites, Jews, and early Christians came into contact.

Published by Oxford University Press, 2007.

Table of Contents

Text in Context, The
Lands of the Bible, The
Climate, Flora, and Fauna
Israel and the Nations
Setting of the Genesis Stories, The
Patriarchs in Canaan, The
Exodus and Wilderness Traditions, The
Stories of Joshua and Judges, Samuel and Saul, The
Stories of David and Solomon, The
Ancient Trade Routes
Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, The
Assyrian Empire, The
Kingdom of Judah, The
Babylonian Empire, The
Persian Empire, The
Judah, Yehud, and Judea
Alexander's Empire and its Aftermath: The Hellenistic Period
Jerusalem in the 1st Millennium bce
Kingdom of Herod and his Successors, The
Ministry of Jesus and the Beginnings of the Church, The
Roman Empire: The Background of the New Testament, The
Jerusalem in New Testament Times
Paul's Journeys
Cradle of Christianity, The
Archaeology in the Ancient Near East
Archaeology and the Bible

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