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The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies

Edited by J. W. Rogerson and Judith M. Lieu

Biblical Studies is a highly technical and diverse field. This authoritative and state-of-the-art survey of original research is designed for scholars and students who need to command linguistic, historical, literary, and philosophical skills. Forty-five original contributions by leading figures in the discipline review and analyze current thinking and work and give critical examinations of the progress and direction of debates.

Published by Oxford University Press, 2005.

Table of Contents

Old Testament
New Testament
Ancient Near Eastern Studies: Mesopotamia
Ancient Near Eastern Studies: Egypt
Qumran Studies
Study of the Graeco-Roman World
Diaspora and Rabbinic Judaism
Language and Translation of the Old Testament
Language, Translation, Versions, and Text of the Apocrypha
Language and Translation of the New Testament
Ancient Versions and Textual Transmission of the Old Testament
Textual Transmission and Versions of the New Testament
Introduction: General Problems of Studying the Text of the Bible in order to Reconstruct History and Social Background
Israel to the End of the Persian Period: History, Social, Political, and Economic Background
Israel from the Rise of Hellenism to 70 ce
Life and Teaching of Jesus and the Rise of Christianity, The
Priesthood, Temple(s), and Sacrifice
Law in the Old Testament
Scribes and Synagogues
Growth of the Old Testament, The
Growth of the Apocrypha, The
Growth of the New Testament, The
Authors, Books, and Readers in the Ancient World
Textual Criticism
Form, Source, and Redaction Criticism
Rhetorical and New Literary Criticism
Feminist Criticism and Related Aspects
Social, Political, and Ideological Criticism
Old Testament Theology
New Testament Theology
Biblical Theology
Bible in Ethics, The
Jewish Interpretation of the Bible
Historical Criticism and the Authority of the Bible

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