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The Oxford Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation

Editor in Chief: Steven L. McKenzie

The two-volume Oxford Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation (OEBI) fills a crucial need in the field of biblical studies by providing detailed, comprehensive treatments of the latest approaches to and methods for interpretation of the Bible written by expert practitioners. It will provide a single source for authoritative reference overviews of scholarship on some of the most important topics of study in the field of biblical studies. As with all high quality reference works, it provides a solid foundation that students and scholars can use to orientate themselves before venturing into original research.

The Encyclopedia contains over 100 entries, ranging in length from 3,000 to 5,000 words. It is organized in an A-to-Z format. Each entry is signed, contains a bibliography for further reading, and is cross-referenced to other useful points of interest within the Encyclopedia. It also features a topical outline of contents and an extensive index.

Published by Oxford University Press, 2013.

Table of Contents

African American Interpretation
African Biblical Interpretation
Allegory and Allegorical Interpretation
Anti-Judaism and Anti-Semitism in the New Testament and Its Interpretation
Asian American Biblical Interpretation
Assyriology and Biblical Interpretation
Authority of the Bible
Autobiographical and Personal Criticism
Canonical Criticism
Canon of the Bible
Catholic Biblical Interpretation
Central and South American Interpretation
Chinese Interpretation
Class Criticism
Cognitive Linguistics and Biblical Interpretation
Conservative Jewish Interpretation
Cross-Cultural Exegesis
Cuban Interpretation in the Cuban Diaspora
Cultural Anthropology
Cultural-Historical Criticism
Cultural Studies
Dead Sea Scrolls
Diachronic Interpretation
Diaspora Studies
Disability Criticism
Dispensationalist Interpretation
Eastern Orthodox Interpretation
Ecological Biblical Criticism
Economics and the Bible
Egyptology and Biblical Interpretation
Empire Studies and Biblical Interpretation
Evangelical Interpretation
Feminist Biblical Interpretation
Folklore and Biblical Interpretation
Formalist Interpretation
Form Criticism
Genre Criticism
Geography and Topography in Biblical Interpretation
Gnosticism and Gnostic Interpretation
Greco-Roman Context
Historical Criticism
Historical Jesus, Quest for the
Hittitology and Biblical Interpretation
Ideological Criticism
Inner-biblical Interpretation
Japanese Interpretation
Korean Interpretation
Latina/o Interpretation
Latter-day Saints (Mormon) Interpretation
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Interpretation
Liberation Hermeneutics
Literary Criticism, Literary Theory, and the Bible
Lutheran Interpretation
Masculinity Studies
Masora and Masoretic Interpretation
Materialist Criticism
Metaphor Theory and Biblical Texts
Mimesis Criticism
Mythology and Biblical Interpretation
Narrative Criticism and Narrative Hermeneutics
New Historicism
Orality Studies and Oral Tradition
Orthodox Jewish Interpretation
Patristic Interpretation
Pentecostal Interpretation
Performance Criticism
Phenomenological Interpretation
Pop Culture and the Bible
Postcolonial Biblical Interpretation
Postmodern Interpretation
Poststructuralist Interpretation
Psychological Biblical Interpretation
Queer Criticism and Queer Theory
Qur?anic and Islamic Interpretation of the Bible
Rabbinic Exegesis
Race, Ethnicity, and Biblical Criticism
Reader-Response Criticism
Reception Criticism and Theory
Reconstructionist Interpretation
Redaction Criticism
Reformed Christian Interpretation
Reform Jewish Interpretation
Relevance Theory and Biblical Interpretation
Rhetorical Criticism
Social Sciences
Socio-rhetorical Criticism
Source Criticism
Speech-Act Theory
Structuralist Interpretation
Synchronic Interpretation
Synoptic Problem
Textual Criticism
Theological Interpretation
Tradition-Historical Criticism
Translation Techniques
Trauma Theory
Ugaritology and Biblical Interpretation
Wesleyan Biblical Interpretation
Womanist Interpretation

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