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Internet Resources

Organized by subject, the selected links below will lead you to external web sites on biblical history, texts, and interpretations. These links were compiled, vetted, and approved by the editors of Oxford Biblical Studies Online.

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The American Schools of Oriental Research
The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) is a consortium of schools that focuses on the study of the Near East beginning in the earliest times.

Archaeological Institute of America
Archaeological Institute of America's site provides extensive resources on various aspects of the field of Archeology as well as links in the organization's magazine ARCHAEOLOGY.

Biblical Archaeology Review
Journal published by the Biblical Archaeology Society (BAS), a nondenominational, educational organization that concentrates on the field of Biblical Archaeology.

Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Associated with Texas A&M University, the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA) provides an introduction to the fascinating maritime aspects of archaeological studies.

Nova: The Bible's Buried Secrets
This website supplies supplementary information to PBS's special program on the origins of the Hebrew Bible. It provides interesting archeological findings on the history of the Bible as well as interviews with leading Biblical scholars.

The Oriental Institute
A Chicago University based institute and museum that focuses on the study of Near Eastern civilizations. Online exhibits show highlights from the Oriental Institute Museum's extensive collections of antiquities from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, and Anatolia.

Art and The Bible
This site pairs pieces of art with the Bible passages that inspired them. Searchable by verse or by artwork.

Bible Art on the WWW
An easy-to-use database that provides portals to digital images of biblical art found on the internet. The art is searchable by subject, biblical text, artist and word, and links take users to the image's original website.

A Bibliography of Semitic Linguistics
This extensive work compiled by Dr. Georgio del Olmo Lete provides bibliographic citations for the study of Semitic linguistics including but not limited to Akkadin, Phoenician, and Ugarit.

Crosswalk.com: Lexicons
In addition to a variety of biblical study tools, this site offers a useful lexicon search tool that allows the user to search King James and New American Translations of the Bible for Greek and Hebrew.

Cuneiform Tablets: From the Reign of Gudea of Lagash to Shalmanassar III
The Library of Congress provides digital images of cuneiform tablets. These high quality images are of particular interest to those studying early writing forms.

Society of Biblical Literature: Educational Resources
A collection of links related to all aspects of biblical scholarship, including archeology, interpretation, translations, and history of the ancient world.

Biblical Geography

Bible Geocoding
Downloadable maps that cover every location mentioned in the bible. Map overlays are available so that users can compare satellite images with ancient maps. This site also aggregates photographs of biblical locations from various photo sharing sites.

Through the use of GoogleMaps this site links bible passages to their correlating location. English Standard and King James Version Translations are available.

History and History of Interpretation

The Bible and Interpretation
This site brings together news articles, editorials, commentaries, and textual interpretations on all aspects of Biblical studies. This is a particularly strong site for examining how the Bible is being used and interpreted in the present day.

From Jesus to Christ
This website hosts the complete PBS Frontline documentary on the life of Jesus, including numerous background articles that further examine many of the topics raised in the program.

Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism
An online seminar from Marquette University, this site explores the history of the early Christian church through a series of essays, organized by theme.The site examines the Jewish origins of the Christian faith, as well as the areas where the two faiths diverge.

Culture and Society

ATLA Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative
The American Theological Library Association and Association of Theological Schools created an impressive repository of digital resources and images. The site is especially strong in biblical art, primary documents, and cultural objects such as coins and postcards.

The Handbook of Biblical Numismatics
This site displays and contextualizes numerous coins used during the biblical times.

Science and Medicine

Medicine in the Ancient World
This e-feature in the Biblical Archaeology Review gives a clear overview of how medicine was viewed in the ancient world.

Biblical and Other Texts

Gutenberg Digital
Digitized version of the Gutenberg Bible. Details of the illuminated pages of the historic Bible are of particular interest.

The New Testament Gateway
A highly recommended directory of internet resources on the New Testament. This site, maintained by Dr. Marc Goodacre of Duke University, provides links to all aspects of Biblical studies.

OnlineCritical Pseudepigrapha
Produced by the Society of Biblical Literature, this site provides the full text for the Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament. Provides Latin and Greek text in addition to English translations.

Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies Glossary
Helpful glossary of terms used in the field of Biblical studies.

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
Extensive links for scholars working in the field of Biblical studies. Focus is on early Christianity.

The Stoa Consortium
Edited by Ross Scaife, Professor of Classics at the University of Kentucky this site offers news, projects, and links for digital classicists. Site highlights include extensive digital archives of archaeology sites, full text resources, and links to other Classics blogs.

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