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A-Z list of Bible Books

Organized alphabetically, the following is a comprehensive list of the books of the Bible.


HB refers to the Hebrew Bible
AP refers to the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books
NT refers to the New Testament

Books of the Bible Source
Acts NT
Amos HB
Azariah AP
Baruch AP
Bel and the Dragon AP
1 Chronicles HB
2 Chronicles HB
Colossians NT
1 Corinthians NT
2 Corinthians NT
Daniel HB
Deuteronomy HB
Ecclesiastes HB
Ecclesiasticus AP
Ephesians NT
1 Esdras AP
2 Esdras AP
Esther HB
Esther, Additions to AP
Exodus HB
Ezekial HB
Ezra HB
Galatians NT
Genesis HB
Habakkuk HB
Haggai HB
Hebrews NT
Hosea HB
Isaiah HB
James NT
Jeremiah HB
Jeremiah, Letter of AP
Job HB
Joel HB
John NT
1 John NT
2 John NT
3 John NT
Jonah HB
Joshua HB
Jude NT
Judges HB
Judith AP
1 Kings HB
2 Kings HB
Lamentations HB
Leviticus HB
Luke NT
1 Maccabees AP
2 Maccabees AP
3 Maccabees AP
4 Maccabees AP
Malachi HB
Manasseh, Prayer of AP
Mark NT
Matthew NT
Micah HB
Nahum HB
Nehemiah HB
Numbers HB
Obadiah HB
1 Peter NT
2 Peter NT
Philemon NT
Philippians NT
Proverbs HB
Psalm 151 AP
Psalms HB
Revelation NT
Romans NT
Ruth HB
1 Samuel HB
2 Samuel HB
Sirach, Wisdom of Jesus, Son of AP
Song of Solomon, or Song of Songs HB
Song of the Three Jews AP
Susanna AP
1 Thessalonians NT
2 Thessalonians NT
1 Timothy NT
2 Timothy NT
Titus NT
Tobit AP
Wisdom of Solomon AP
Zechariah HB
Zephaniah HB
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