1For the leader; with instrumental music. A maskil of David, 2 when the Ziphites came and told Saul, “Know, David is in hiding among us.” e Meaning of Heb. uncertain; others “condescension.”

3O God, deliver me by Your name; by Your power vindicate me. 4O God, hear my prayer; give ear to the words of my mouth. 5For strangers have risen against me, and ruthless men seek my life; they are unmindful of God. Selah. 6See, God is my helper; the LORD is my support. 7He will repay the evil of my watchful foes; by Your faithfulness, destroy them! 8Then I will offer You a freewill sacrifice; I will praise Your name, LORD, for it is good, 9for it has saved me from my foes, and let me gaze triumphant upon my enemies.


c Meaning of Heb. uncertain; others “condescension.”