1In that day, you shall say: “I give thanks to You, O LORD! Although You were wroth with me, Your wrath has turned back and You comfort me, 2Behold the God who gives me triumph! I am confident, unafraid; For Yah the LORD is my strength and might, a Others “song.” And He has been my deliverance.”

3Joyfully shall you draw water From the fountains of triumph, 4And you shall say on that day: “Praise the LORD, proclaim His name. Make His deeds known among the peoples; Declare that His name is exalted. 5Hymn the LORD, For He has done gloriously; Let this be made known In all the world! 6Oh, shout for joy, You who dwell in Zion! For great in your midst Is the Holy One of Israel.”


a Others “song.”