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  • The Apocalyptic Vision (Chapters)

    When the word “apocalypse” appears in the newspaper, it is usually in connection with the horrors of nuclear war or the threat of environmental ...

    Source: The Oxford Study Bible

  • The Bible in Literature (Chapters)

    The books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, are undoubtedly the single greatest influence on the development of English literature, and the reasons ...

    Source: The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible

  • Bible on Broadway, The (A-Z entry)

    The medium of the Broadway musical allows stories from the epic to the introspective to reach a diverse audience of loyal theatergoers. Writers have ...

    Source: Oxford Encyclopedias of the Bible

  • Byzantine text (A-Z entry)

    The Greek text which was the basis of Erasmus' NT ( 1516 ) and so of the translators of the English AV of 1611 ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • The Challenges of Biblical Translation (Chapters)

    For the average person in the pew, the need for new biblical translations can be bewildering. “Why do we need new translations?” or “What ...

    Source: The Catholic Study Bible

  • Children's Bibles (A-Z entry)

    The recasting of the Bible to meet the needs of children has been a topic of increasing interest in the twentieth century. Although children ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Communities and Canon (Chapters)

    Contemporary Western Christians and Jews have in large part lost touch with the thought patterns of their early ancestors of biblical faith. Most think ...

    Source: The Oxford Study Bible

  • The Contributions of Archaeology (Chapters)

    Perhaps no other area on the surface of the earth has been so extensively and intensively explored and excavated as has been the heartland ...

    Source: The Oxford Study Bible

  • Dance and the Bible (A-Z entry)

    The Bible has provided choreographers with themes and topics for their dances, and not always in a religious context: biblical characters—heroes and heroines, kings ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Everyday Expressions from the Bible (A-Z entry)

    Over the centuries, biblical phrases and expressions have become part of the vocabulary of those for whose culture the Bible is a central text. ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Family Bible (A-Z entry)

    A product of early modern Europe still in use today, a family Bible is any edition of the Bible that includes manuscript records of ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Fundamentalism(s) (Chapters)

    Identifying Fundamentalism The term ‘fundamentalism’ was first used in the 1920s by Protestant Christians who sought to defend the fundamental doctrines of their faith. ...

    Source: The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies

  • Introduction (Chapters)

    In 1 Corinthians Paul combines instruction with exhortation. * The church at Corinth had been started by Paul only a few years earlier, and ...

    Source: The Access Bible

  • Jewish Translations of the Bible (Chapters)

    Jews first translated the Bible approximately 2,300 years ago, and Jews continue—as individuals and as members of committees—to translate the Bible to the present ...

    Source: The Jewish Study Bible

  • Kittel, Gerhard (A-Z entry)

    ( 1888 – 1948 ) German biblical scholar ; professor of NT at Tübingen. His work on the NT led him to strong views ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

  • The Modern Study of the Bible (Chapters)

    The Historical‐Critical Method General philosophical developments of the 17th and 18th centuries prompted an approach to the Bible that is often characterized as “critical.” ...

    Source: The Jewish Study Bible

  • Popular Culture and the Bible (A-Z entry)

    The Bible has been a fixture in American popular culture from the first European settlements to the present. Mentioning only a few random facts ...

    Source: The Oxford Companion to the Bible

  • Preface (Chapters)

    The New Testament translation has been approached with essentially the same fidelity to the thought and individual style of the biblical writers as was ...

    Source: The Catholic Study Bible

  • Proverbs (Chapters)

    About the Book Proverbs is probably the biblical book that best characterizes the wisdom tradition. It appears to be the “guide for successful living” ...

    Source: The Catholic Study Bible

  • Quest of the Historical Jesus, The (A-Z entry)

    The title of Albert Schweitzer 's work (ET 1910 and 2000 ) which traced the course of investigation by (mostly) German scholars into the ...

    Source: A Dictionary of the Bible

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