The Jewish dynasty deriving from Mattathias (166 BCE), usually known as the Maccabees. The sons of Mattathias, Judas, Jonathan, and Simon, led the war against the Syrian generals and from Simon's time in 142 BCE the Hasmoneans ruled Judah until 63 BCE. John Hyrcanus (134–104 BCE) was the first of the Hasmoneans to call himself king. His successors were Aristobulus I (104–103), Alexander Jannaeus (103–76), and Alexandra (76–67), wife of the two preceding kings. Because the Hasmonean kings were also high priests, her eldest son Hyrcanus became high priest. Aristobulus II (67–63) was the last of the line before the coming of the Romans; though the younger son of Alexandra, he ejected Hyrcanus from the high priesthood.