Supposed supernatural intimations, From Joseph, son of Jacob, in the OT (Gen. 37) to Joseph, son of another Jacob, and husband of Mary, in the NT (Matt. 1: 16, 19) the Bible has many accounts of dreamers who believe that by these means they are in receipt of communications from God. (e.g. Elihu in Job 33: 15–17). Daniel even told his royal employer (Dan. 2: 28) the content of his dreams and then interpreted them, as well as having dreams and visions on his own account (Dan. 7: 1–2). However, Jeremiah suspected that the dreams of some of his contemporaries who prophesied were auto‐suggestions rising up from their own subconscious (Jer. 23: 16 ff.) and not to be trusted as divine revelations. Pilate's wife is said to have complained that she had suffered an alarming dream about Jesus shortly before his crucifixion (Matt. 27: 19).