(AV) Aramaic for ‘Field of Blood’ and rendered Hakeldama by NRSV; ‘Aceldama which means “Blood Acre”’ by REB (Acts 1: 19): the field bought by Judas Iscariot with the reward given to him by the priests for betraying Jesus and where he had a fatal accident. But according to Matt. 27: 7 the field, called the Potter's Field, was bought by the priests with the money Judas returned, for use as a cemetery.

Possibly the latter story originated as an attempt to explain the adopted name of the place. Matthew is attempting to demonstrate that it has all been foretold, and so he uses a mangled sentence from Zech. (11: 13) and some isolated phrases in Jer. (18: 2 and 32: 9) as proof from prophecy.