A miscellaneous collection of prayers and narrative from the 2nd cent. BCE influenced by the book of Jeremiah and attributed to Jeremiah’s scribe Baruch. It was contained in the Greek LXX (though it may have been originally composed in Hebrew) and is therefore classified as part of scripture by Catholics, but its absence from the Hebrew OT puts it in the Apocrypha for Protestants.

The work claims to be written during the Babylonian Exile; the first and third parts of the book deal with the exiles’ situation, urging them not to forget the Temple in Jerusalem. The second part (3: 9 to 4: 4), a poetic section, advocates prayers for Gentile rulers, and has affinity with the Wisdom literature (such as Job 28). Wisdom is here identified with Torah, as in Ecclus. 24: 23. (It is sometimes referred to as 1 Baruch to distinguish it from the two following.)