In Hebrew, the quality of being found right or innocent; it is what describes a good king (Isa. 32: 1) or a fair partner or neighbour (Amos 5: 6–7). God is righteous because he observes his covenant, delivering Israel from enemies and offering hope for the future (Jer. 23: 5). In the NT, the word righteousness occurs frequently in Matthew, where it means ethical righteousness, doing the will of God (Matt. 5: 6, 10), which is less radical than what was written by Paul, who asserted that righteousness is not only right conduct before God but a right relationship with God. The initiative is from God; it is received in faith; it issues in right conduct (Rom. 3: 21–6). Righteousness is ascribed to Jesus in 1 John 2: 1 in the sense of a total conformity to the will of God.