A Greek noun meaning ‘one called to the side of’ and therefore an ‘advocate’; a term especially liked by the gospel of John for the Spirit (John 14: 16–17; 16: 7–15, cf. 1 John 2: 1) whom Jesus promises that he will send to the disciples after he has gone. He is the Spirit of Truth; he is the ‘Comforter’ (AV) who through the disciples will continue Jesus' own work and reveal new teaching (John 14: 26; 16: 12–14) that was not able to be assimilated until after the resurrection. Other translations indicate other functions attributed to the Spirit: ‘advocate’ (NRSV, John 14: 16) expresses the role of a counsel for the defence in court; ‘counsellor’ (RSV) is used for the Spirit who helps disciples in the absence of Jesus.