The verb ‘to obey’ translates the Hebrew ‘to hear’ (as Isa. 42: 24), or ‘to observe’ the commandments (Exod. 16: 28). Disobedience is punished; Moses' failure to maintain God's holiness among the Israelites deprived him of his greatest wish—to enter the Promised Land (Deut. 32: 51). In the NT the obedience of Christ to God is celebrated by Paul (Phil. 2: 8) and Christians are called to obedience to Christ (Heb. 5: 9). There is also a proper obedience to the State (Rom. 13: 1–5), and there is a hierarchy of obedience within a household (Eph. 5: 21–6: 9; 1 Pet. 2: 13–3: 7).