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The Apocryphal Old Testament Collection of the most important non-canonical Old Testament books designed for general use.




R. LAURENCE, Ascensio Isaiae Vatis, Opusculum pseudepigraphum, multis abhinc seculis, ut videtur, deperditum, nunc autem apud Aethiopas compertum, et cum versione Latina Anglicanaque publici iuris factum (Oxford, 1819).

C. F. A. DILLMANN, Ascensio Isaiae Aethiopice et Latine, cum prolegomenis, adnotationibus criticis et exegeticis, additis versionum Latinarum reliquiis (Leipzig, 1877).

R. H. CHARLES, The Ascension of Isaiah, translated from the Ethiopic version, which, together with the new Greek fragment, the Latin versions and the Latin translation of the Slavonic, is here published in full. Edited with Introduction, Notes, and Indices (London, 1900).


B. P. GRENFELL and A. S. HUNT, The Amherst Papyri, being an account of the Greek papyri in the collection of the Right Hon. Lord Amherst of Hackney. Part I (London, 1900), pp. 1–22.

O. VON GEBHARDT, ‘Die Ascensio Isaiae als Heiligenlegende’ in Zeitschrift für wissenschaftliche Theologie, xxi (1878), pp. 330–353.


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———, ‘Fragments d'Apocryphes en Copte – Akhmîmique’ in Le Muséon, lii (1939), pp. 1–10.

———, Les manuscrits coptes de l'Université de Louvain, i (Textes Littéraires; Louvain, 1940), pp. 72–78.

P. LACAU, ‘Fragments de l'Ascension d'Isaïe en Copte’ in Le Muséon, lix (1946), pp. 453–467.


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———, Bibliograficheskie materialy, i (= ChOIDR; Moscow, 1879 I. vii), pp. 13–20.

L. STOJANOVIć, ‘Stare srpske hrisovulje, akti, biografije, letopisi, tipici, pomenici, zapisi i dr.’ (= Spomenik Srpske Kraljevske Akademije, iii (Belgrade, 1890), pp. 190–194).

A. A. SHAKHMATOV and P. A. LAVROV, Sbornik XII veka Moskovskogo Uspenskogo sobora, i (= ChOIDR; Moscow, 1899 II. ii. l), pp. 129–136. [Reproduced photographically with an Introduction by D. ČIžEVSKIJ, The Hague, 1957.]

I. IVANOV, Bogomilski knigi i legendi (Sofia, 1925), pp. 134–149.



R. LAURENCE, Ascensio Isaiae Vatis … [as above. The English version was reprinted under the title The Ascension of Isaiah the Prophet, translated from the Ethiopic; Glasgow, 1889.]

R. H. CHARLES, The Ascension of Isaiah … [as above].

———, ‘The Martyrdom of Isaiah’ in APOT ii, pp. 155–162 [A translation of i. l–iii. 12 and v. 1–14 only].

———, The Ascension of Isaiah (= S.P.C.K., Translations of Early Documents; London, 1919).

D. HILL, ‘The Ascension of Isaiah’ in NTA ii, pp. 642–663. [An English version of the German translation of J. FLEMMING and H. DUENSING below.]


R. BASSET, Les Apocryphes Éthiopiens traduits en français. III. L'Ascension d'Isaïe (Paris, 1894).

E. TISSERANT, Ascension d'Isaïe: Traduction de la version éthiopienne avec les principales variantes des versions grecque, latines et slave: Introduction et notes (Paris, 1909).


G. BEER in E. KAUTZSCH, APAT ii, pp. 119–127 [A translation of ii. 1–15, iii. 1–12, and v. 2–14 only].

J. FLEMMING and H. DUENSING ‘Die Himmelfahrt des Jesaja’ in E. HENNECKE and W. SCHNEEMELCHER, Neutestamentlliche Apokryphen in deutscher Übersetzung 3, ii (Tübingen, 1964), pp. 454–468.

P. RIESSLER, AjSaB 2, pp. 481–484 [A translation of i. 1–2, ii. 1–iii. 12, and v. 1–14 only].

E. HAMMERSHAIMB in JSh-rZ II. 1 (1973), pp. 1–34 [A translation of i. 1–iii. 12 and v. 1–14 only].


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