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The Jewish Study Bible Contextualizes the Hebrew Bible with accompanying scholarly text on Jewish traditions and history.

Translations of Primary Sources

Ancient Translations of the Bible

Coogan, Michael David, ed. Stories from Ancient Canaan. Philadelphia: Westminster, 1978.

Dalley, Stephanie. Myths from Mesopotamia: Creation, the Flood, Gilgamesh, and Others. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1989.

Foster, Benjamin R. Before the Muses: An Anthology of Akkadian Literature. 2 vols. Bethesda, Md.: CDL Press, 1993.

——. From Distant Days: Myths, Tales, and Poetry of Ancient Mesopotamia. Bethesda, Md.: CDL Press, 1995.

Hallo, William W. and K. Lawson Younger, eds. The Context of Scripture. Vol. 1, Canonical Compositions from the Biblical World. Vol. 2, Monumental Inscriptions from the Ancient World. Vol. 3, Archival Documents from the Biblical World. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1997; 2000; 2002.

Lichtheim, Miriam. Ancient Egyptian Literature: A Book of Readings. 3 vols. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1973–1980.

Parker, Simon B., ed. Writings from the Ancient World. A series produced by the Society of Biblical Literature (Atlanta, Ga.), with each volume devoted to a particular genre and language. Volumes include: Ugaritic Narrative Poetry (ed. S. B. Parker; 1997); Law Collections from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor (M. F. Roth; 2nd ed., 1997); Hittite Myths (H. A. Hoffner, Jr.; 2nd ed., 1998); Hittite Diplomatic Texts (G. M. Beckman; 2nd ed., 1999); Hittite Prayers (I. Singer, 2002); Ritual and Cult at Ugarit (D. Pardee, 2002).

Pritchard, James B., ed. Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament. 3rd ed. Princeton, N. J.: Princeton University Press, 1969.

Ancient Translations of the Bible

Brenton, Lancelot C. L. The Septuagint with Apocrypha: Greek and English. 1851. Reprint, Peabody Ma.: Hen–drickson, 1986.

International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies. A New English Translation of the Septuagint. New York: Oxford University Press, 2000—.


McNamara, Martin J.; Kevin Cathcart; Michael Maher. The Aramaic Bible: The Targums. Collegeville, Mn.: Liturgical Press, 1987—.

Dead Sea Scrolls

Abegg, Martin, Jr.; Peter Flint; and Eugene Ulrich, eds. The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible: The Oldest Known Bible. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1999.

Charlesworth, James E., ed. The Dead Sea Scrolls: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Texts with English Translations. Vol. 1, Rule of the Community and Related Documents. Vol. 2, Damascus Document, War Scroll, and Related Documents. Vol. 4A, Pseudepigraphic and Non–Masoretic Psalms and Prayers. Vol. 4B, Angelic Liturgy: Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice. Vol. 6B, Pesharim, Other Commentaries, and Related Documents. Louisville: Westminster?John Knox Press, 1994—.

García Martínez, Florentino, ed. The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition. 2 vols. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1998.

Vermes, Geza. The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English. New York: Penguin Press, 1997.

Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

Charles, R. H., ed. The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament. 2 vols. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1913.

Charlesworth, James H., ed. The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha. 2 vols. New York: Doubleday 1983–1985.

Philo of Alexandria

Colson, F. H. and Whitaker, G H., trans. Philo. Loeb Classical Library. 10 vols. Cambridge, Ma.: Harvard University Press, 1961–1991.

Williamson, Ronald. Jews in the Hellenistic World: Philo. Cambridge, Eng.: Cambridge University Press, 1989.

Yonge, C. D., trans. The Works of Philo. 1854. New updated edition. Peabody, Ma.: Hendrickson Publishers, 1993.


Thackeray, H. St. J. and Ralph Marcus, trans. Josephus. Loeb Classical Library. 9 vols. Cambridge, Ma.: Harvard University Press, 1976–1981.

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Williamson, G. A., trans. Josephus: The Jewish War. New York: Penguin Books, 1984.

Rabbinic Texts

Danby Herbert. The Mishnah: Translated from the Hebrew with Introduction and Brief Explanatory Notes. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1933.

Neusner, Jacob. The Mishnah: A New Translation. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1988.


Epstein, I. The Babylonian Talmud. 30 vols. London: Soncino Press, 1935–48.

Steinsaltz, Adin. The Talmud. New York: Random House, 1989—.


Bialik, Hayyim N. and Y H. Ravinsky. The Book of Legends: Sefer Ha‐Aggadah. New York: Schocken Books, 1992.

Freedman, H. and M. Simon, eds. Midrash Rabbah. 10 vols. London: Soncino Press, 1961.

Ginzberg, Louis. The Legends of the Jews. 8 vols. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1968.

Hammer, Reuven. Sifrei Deuteronomy: A Tannaitic Commentary on the Book of Deuteronomy. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1986.

Kasher, Menahem. Encyclopedia of Biblical Interpretation, A Millennial Anthology. 9 vols. New York: American Biblical Encyclopedia Society, 1953–1979.

Lauterbach, J. Z. Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1976.

Medieval Jewish Commentaries

Baker, Joshua and Ernest Nicholson, trans. The Commentary of Rabbi David Kimhi on Psalms 120–150. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1973.

Chavel, Charles B., trans. Ramban (Nachmanides): Commentary on the Torah. 5 vols. New York: Shilo Publishing House, 1971–1976.

Gruber, Mayer, Rashi's Commentary on the Psalms. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1998.

Japhet, Sara and Robert B. Salters, The Commentary of R. Samuel ben Meir, Rashbam, on Qoheleth. Jerusalem: Magnes, 1985.

Lockshin, Martin I., trans. Rashbam's Commentary on Genesis: An Annotated Translation. Jewish Studies, vol. 5. Lewiston, N. Y: E. Mellen Press, 1989.

——. Rabbi Samuel ben Meier's Commentary on Exodus: An Annotated Translation. Brown Judaic Series, no. 310. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1997.

——. Rabbi Samuel ben Meier's Commentary on Leviticus and Numbers; An Annotated Translation. Brown Judaic Series, no. 330. Providence, R. I.: Brown Judaic Studies, 2001.

Silbermann, A. M. and M. Rosenbaum, trans. Pentateuch with Targum Onkelos, Haphtaroth and Rashi's Commentary. 5 vols. New York: Hebrew Publishing Co., 1969.

Strickman, H. Norman and Arthur M. Silver, trans. Ibn Ezra's Commentary on the Pentateuch. 5 vols. New York: Menorah Publishing Co., 1988—.

Medieval Jewish Philosophy

Feldman, Seymour, trans. Levi ben Gershom: The Wars of the Lord. 3 vols. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1999.

Frank, Daniel H, trans. The Book of Doctrines and Beliefs. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Co., 2002.

Lewy Hans. Three Jewish Philosophers: Philo, Saadya Gaon, Jehuda Halevi. New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., 1972.

Pines, Shlomo, trans. The Guide of the Perplexed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1963.

Mystical Texts

Cohen, Martin Samuel. The Shi'ur Qomah: Texts and Recensions. Tübingen: Mohr, 1985.

Kaplan, Aryeh. The Bahir : An Ancient Kabbalistic Text Attributed to Rabbi Nehuniah ben HaKana, First Century, C. E. New York: S. Weiser, 1979.

Matt, Daniel C, trans. Zohar: Annotated and Explained. Woodstock, Vt.: SkyLight Paths Publishing Co., 2002.

Sperling, Harry and Maurice Simon. The Zohar. London: Soncino Press, London, 1931–34.

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