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The Apocryphal New Testament Easy to use collection of English translations of the New Testament Apocrypha.

Doctrina Addai (Acts of Thaddaeus)



  • W. Cureton, Ancient Syriac Documents (London, 1864), 5–23 (with Eng. trans.).

  • G. Phillips, The Doctrine of Addai the Apostle Now First Edited in a Complete Form in the Original Syriac with an English Translation and Notes (London, 1876; repr. G. Howard (ed.), The Teaching of Addai (Chico, 1981)).


  • L. Alischan, Laboubnia, Lettre d'Abgar ou Histoire de la conversion des Édesséens par Laboubnia, écrivain contemporain des apôtres (Venice, 1868) (French trans.).


  • Lipsius–Bonnet, i. 273–8.

  • R. Peppermüller, ‘Griechische Papyrusfragmente der Doctrina Addai’, VC 25 (1971), 289–301.

Modern Translations


  • Éac, 1473–525.

  • A. Desreumaux, Histoire du roi Abgar et de Jésus (Turnhout, 1993) (= Apocryphes. Collection de poche de l'AELAC 1).


  • Erbetta, ii. 575–8. Moraldi, ii. 1645–8.


  • Lipsius, ii. 2, 142–200.

  • H. J. W. Drijvers, ‘Addai und Mani, Christentum und Manichäismus im dritten Jahrhundert in Syrien’, Orientalia Christiana Analecta 221 (1983), 171–85.

Copy of a letter written by Abgar the Toparch to Jesus and sent to him by the hand of Ananias the courier in Jerusalem

Abgar Ouchama, the Toparch, to Jesus, the good Saviour who has appeared in the area of Jerusalem, greeting. I have heard about you and your healings which you do without medicines and herbs. According to the report, you make the blind see, the lame walk; you cleanse those with leprosy, you exorcize unclean spirits and demons, you heal those tormented by chronic disease, and you raise the dead.

When I heard these things about you I decided you are one of two things: either you are God and you came down from Heaven to do these things, or you do them because you are a son of God. I, therefore, have written to beg you to take the trouble to come to me and to heal the suffering I have. I also heard that the Jews are spreading evil rumours about you and wish to hurt you. My city is small and holy, and there is room for both of us.Copy of the things written by Jesus by the hand of Ananias the courier to Abgar the ToparchYou are blessed; you believe in me, and you have not seen me. It is written concerning me, ‘Those who have seen me will not believe in me’, 1 Isa. 6: 10 . and ‘Those who have not seen me will believe and will be saved.’ 2 John 9: 39 . Regarding what you wrote to me that I should come to you, I have to complete here everything I was sent to do and, after I have accomplished it, to be taken up to him who sent me. After I have been taken up, I will send to you one of my disciples to heal your suffering and to provide life for you and those with you.


1 Isa. 6: 10 .

2 John 9: 39 .

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