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Focus On

Horror Films and the Bible


Due to a convergence of factors, biblical scholars have recently begun to consider the unusual pairing of the Bible and the horror genre—a telling reflection of just how biblically aware an increasingly secular culture can be... Read more


From the Desk Of
Michael D. Coogan
Michael D. Coogan Romans 13 has been cited in support of the divine right of kings, and more recently, to justify slavery and segregation in the United States, apartheid in South Africa, and Nazism in Germany.... Read more
View Biblical Texts in Three Different Ways
Full Screen Mode Side-by-side view with commentary Side-by-side view of two Biblical texts
View each chapter or jump to any location in the Bible Read a passage of the Bible alongside scholarly analysis of the text. Compare and contrast two translations of the Bible, line by line.

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For more on the topic of our latest "Focus On," see the article "The Bible in Literature" by David Jasper from The Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible

Lesson Plan

A new lesson plan on the Book of Deuteronomy by Laura Quick (Princeton University). Read More 

Thematic Guide

Krista N. Dalton (Kenyon College) surveys the rich history of biblical references in science fiction and fantasy literature from Frankenstein through The Handmaid's Tale. Read More


Marc Zvi Brettler interviews his Duke University colleague Carol Meyers, author of Rediscovering Eve: Ancient Israelite Women in Context (Oxford University Press, 2012) about the intersections of feminism, biblical studies, and archaeology. Read More

Reference Guide

This feature allows you to scroll through the tables of contents for each of the major reference works on Oxford Biblical Studies Online, including The Oxford Companion to the Bible and the new Oxford Encyclopedia of the Books of the Bible. Read More

Guide to Biblical Commentaries

This list of the books of the Bible includes their respective commentaries from the following sources: Oxford Bible Commentary, New Oxford Annotated Bible (NRSV), Oxford Study Bible (REB), Jewish Study Bible (TANAKH), Catholic Study Bible (NAB), and the Access Bible (NRSV). Read More

What's Inside
  • Six Bible texts, including the latest edition of the New Oxford Annotated Bible, as well as deuterocanonical collections, Concordances, and the Oxford Bible Commentary.
  • More than 6,000 A-Z entries and chapters from acclaimed Oxford references, written by leading scholars and specialists
  • Hundreds of images and maps provide visual perspectives of the biblical world
  • Tools & Resources contains Internet resources selected by specialists in the field, thematic guides, lesson plans, suggested reading lists for further research, and more.
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